Friday, November 19, 2010


Today, I flipped through a copy of the Micrographia, written by Robert Hooke and published in London in 1665. In this book, Hooke introduces the word "cell" to refer to the small bodies that make up living organisms. And, he explains the advantages of experimentation and "mechanistic philosophy." Additionally, the book contains some amazing engravings, including images of a fly, a louse, a flea, mold, and some crystals. Amazing stuff.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Janet Iwasa and Molecular Visualization

My friend Janet Iwasa was just mentioned in a New York Times article about molecular visualization. Stunning stuff!

Pop Culture Curator at the National Air and Space Museum

The Washington Post has reported that the National Air and Space Museum employs a pop culture curator, who managers a vast collection of space-related objects -- including pins, buttons, games, and toys -- that show how space exploration has affected the public consciousness. Well done, Air and Space Museum!

Read the article here.

Image courtesy of the National Air and Space Museum.